- Installation instructions

- - -

1. Disconnect power supply and remove batteries.

2. Remove SSD.

3. Remove center back cover, 2 screws.

4. Disconnect speaker and button connectors.

5. Remove the 8 screws holding the back panel.

6. Remove back panel.

7. Remove metal angle holding the USB port, remove the piece of plexiglass attached to it.

8. Snap off metal piece as shown.

9. Insert FFC into mainboard connector.

10. Reinstall metal angle.

11. Fix antenna in place as shown, use double sided foam tape.

12. Fix GPS module in place as shown, use [thin] double sided tape.

13. Connect antenna and FFC. Run antenna lead and FFC underneath the metal angle

14. Cover GPS module with a layer of Kapton tape, and preferably a layer of shielding tape.

15. Remove padding covering speaker.

16. Put everything back together.

17. On first boot, enter BIOS and disable GPS (under "Serial Port Configuration").

Boot and install the "GPS registry patch".

Reboot, enter BIOS and enable GPS.

- - -

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