- Installation instructions

First, complete the groundplane / patch antenna assembly:

Fold the 3 supporting sides 8mm from the edges.
The resulting total height of the groundplane should be 8.5mm (+/- 0.5mm).
Fix the patch antenna to the groundplane, at the center of the protruding side, 2mm from the edge.
Conductive glue is preferred.
Run the antenna cable through the corner hole.
Seal the corners using small pieces of copper tape.

- - -

1. Disconnect AC-adapter.

2. Remove battery.

3. Remove WM-cover (above battery door, left side of palmrest), 2 screws.

4. Remove screws holding bottom panel, total of 19 (6 + 13).

5. Remove bottom panel.

6. Put the groundplane in its position and fix in position with the copper tape.

7. Fix the interface board & GPS engine into their positions using double sided tape.

8. Insert FFC cable into connector CN30. Connector side face down.

9. Push a loose fold in the FFC in under the mainboard, and let the FFC follow the underside of the palmrest, make a fold and point it towards the interface board with the connector side facing up. Connect the FFC to the interface board, adjust how far the FFC sticks under the mainboard, so it mates with the interface board exactly.

Do not fold the FFC cable completely flat, let there be a 1-2mm diameter in the fold.

10. Connect antenna MMCX connector to GPS engine

11. Connect GPS header cable between interface board and GPS engine.

12. Ground the GPS engine to the magnesium using a piece of copper tape.

13. Remove the four protrusions inside the WM-cover and install it carefully over the patch antenna assembly.

14. Put the computer back together.
Follow the service manual instructions on what order to tighten the back panel screws.

15. On first boot, enter BIOS (pressing F2 at Panasonic screen) and make sure GPS is enabled (or auto).

- - -

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