- Installation instructions

- - -

1. Disconnect AC-adapter.

2. Remove battery.

3. Remove DIMM-cover/speaker (disconnect speaker wire), 4 screws.

4. Unseat all port covers, and remove screws holding bottom panel, 13 screws.

5. Remove bottom panel.

6. Remove tape seal covering GPS antenna mounting location.

7. Insert GPS antenna into its cover.

8. Install GPS antenna assembly using the 10mm pan head screws. Seal with black silicone or similar to maintain watertight integrity.

9. Install the PCB using the two 5mm wafer head screws.

10. Insert the FFC cable into GPS board connector first, connector side face down. Then insert other end into mainboard connector. Make sure you insert it straight & centered into both connectors.

11. Connect the antenna.

12. Put the computer back together.
Follow the service manual instructions on what order to tighten the back panel screws.

13. On first boot, enter BIOS (pressing F2 at Panasonic screen) and make sure GPS is enabled (or auto).

14. Download U-Center here
Use this utility to monitor and configure your GPS.

15. OPTIONAL: Download and install the Panasonic bluetooth switch software. You may use this to switch the board on & off by software while running the computer. When computer is shut down or in sleep mode, power is automatically cut. Please note; when using this utility you switch both GPS and bluetooth at the same time.

- - -

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